The characteristics of high-grade jewelry boxes of different materials

The characteristics of high-grade jewelry boxes of different materials shared by custom jewelry box supplier China.

In order to improve the value of products in the market, businesses have invested a lot in packaging. For instance jewelry, high-grade first adorn article is to belong to high consumption, and the businessman in order to improve the brand and value of the product, will invest a lot of money in the choice of packaging box, and high-grade packaging box type has a lot of.

PU jewelry box:

PU jewelry box is generally combined with fashionable design elements, permeated with a strong modern flavor in the flavor of The Times.

Generally there are crocodile skin jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearlescent leather jewelry box. Such as big S crocodile skin jewelry box, Pandora plain leather jewelry box and binaural pearl leather jewelry box is more representative.

Leather jewelry box:

Real leather is usually made of cowhide, and there is a growing trend for more personalized materials, such as horse leather. Compared with PU, leather jewelry boxes are relatively expensive and of high quality. If you want to collect expensive gold jewelry or other expensive jewelry, most people will choose leather jewelry boxes, especially for important gifts, and choose branded leather jewelry boxes.

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Wooden jewelry box:

Woodiness jewelry box is more primitive and unsophisticated and tastefully laid out, suit the temperamental woman with decorous grade to use.

Generally, there are mahogany jewelry boxes, pine jewelry boxes, tussah jewelry boxes, peachwood jewelry boxes, ebony jewelry boxes, the most distinctive is catalpa wood products. Rowan wood is walnut, because of slow growth, its pattern is fine, strong texture. Still have if gao guang lacquer jewelry box, hardware jewelry box, paper kind jewelry box to wait.

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